Private Line Meet & Greet Report

The second Private Line Meet and Greet arranged by Suiciderock took place in Munich last Saturday.

Two lucky winners had the chance to meet the guys before the show at the Metropolis club. It was a cold and windy but sunny day, so it maybe was not that bad that the meet and greet which was originally scheduled for 6pm had to be changed to 8pm as the band had a little delay in their own time schedule.

Madelyne was the winner of the Meet & Greet and her friend Stefanie got the pleasure to join her. So there was still some time left for the girls to think about all the questions they would want to ask the band later on.

Finally the clock turned to 8pm and after handing out the Meet & Greet passes it was time to say “Hello” to Sami and Co. Madelyne and Stefanie started to realise soon that there is no reason to be nervous as Sami, Eliaz and Spit greeted them so nicely already when entering the holy backstage area of the club.

It didn`t take long and the guys and our two girls got into a conversation about German cities and some other Finnish bands. The whole come-together became a nice chat. After some posters were signed it was time for a little photo shooting with the band. So everybody smiled into the camera to make an unforgettable memory out of that evening.

Unfortunately 20 minutes can be over so soon and so Madelyne and Stefanie could give a last hug to Sami, Eliaz and Spit before it was time to leave the cozy backstage again.

But there was no reason to be sad as the show started one hour later.

Thank you very much to our two winners Madelyne and Stefanie for taking part in the competition and Julie from Save the Night Booking for making it possible.

You don`t need to be sad if you haven`t won in this competition as their will be a lot more to come! So keep an close eye on Suiciderock, we make you meet your favourite bands!

View all photos of the Meet&Greet on our photobucket!!!