02.06.07 Tampere

At around 5 o'clock we picked up the winners of the competition in front of Klubi. Those two girls, Emmy and Natascha, had to design a logo for a Private Line Shirt. We want to use this opportunity to thank everybody who took part in the competition. You all did a great job!!!

After handing out the Meet & Greet passes to the 4 girls, it was time to go in and to meet the guys. We immediately found Jack sitting on the terrace with Antti from Negative, where they had some pasta. While Jack picked up the other guys, the girls had even more time to get more excited. Luckily he didn`t need so much time to come back and also Sammy, Elias and Spit joined us soon. Unfortunately Illu was missing as he had to pick up the stuff in Lahti. We decided to search for a cozy and sunny place at the terrace.

Than the girls got the chance to ask Private Line everything they want. As they have been too nervous to get any ideas for questions, we took some pictures first. However the guys were very funny and nice the ice was broken soon. So we talked a bit. Suddenly a non meet & greet winner „interrupted" the discussion about the playlist for the upcoming gig, but as Antti Anatomy wasn`t a real stranger for the girls, he was allowed to stay.  

After the band signed some bags and photos the Meet & Greet was over and the guys had to go back to the venue.

And that`s how lucky winners look like:

PS: For more pictures of the Meet & Greet check out the