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White Flame & Lovex Report

October changes into Rocktober!

Hi Everybody!

Time to tell you a litte bit how the Meet&Greet with the Lovex and White Flame guys went.

When we arrived at venue, the Backstage in Munich we found our poor winners under a umbrella in the cold rain infront of the main entrance. Not enough that the bad weahter conditions made them freeze their socks off, no we had to tell them that their so long awaited Meet&Greet had to be postponed for 20 minutes. The reason for that little desaster was a technical problem that accured during the soundcheck. White Flame had just started their soundcheck when the electricity decided to make a little brake for a couple of minutes...

Luckily all waiting has an end and so we were finally picked up by Marko who brought us to the dry and warm backstage area where the two bands waited for Teresa, Steffi, Lorena and Caro. The backstage room where the Meet&Greet took place was quite crowded. There were the four guys of White Flame, six members from Lovex and our four winners.

After everyone found a little space to sit down the winners had a little challenge for the bands. Everyone who had enough courage to put some funny bunny ears on his head got the pleasure to enjoy some selfmade cookies. So it was no wonder that the bunny ears and the cookies were given away very soon. :)

Of course Theon and Co. took the time to put a signature to the stuff brought by the girls, we took some pictures and the winners had the chance to ask the guys whatever they wanted to know. They made Theon reveal that he never has been to the famous Oktober Fest in Munich but that he loves bear like all the Finn`s seem to do. Vince the singer of White Flame had visible fun wearing his bunny ears and so the whole event became an unforgetable memory for both, the band and our winners.

After about 20 minutes the Meet&Greet was over and so everybody had to say a last goodbye as White Flame had to start to play their show right away.

Suiciderock wants to thank Jorma and Rowan from NEM Booking for the perfect organisation and for beeing so generous considerring the guestlist and of course Marko who handled everything so well.

There will be a lot more chances to meet up with your favourite bands. Just keep an close eye on Suiciderock.com and keep your fingers crossed!

More pictures of this happening can be found in Suiciderock's photobucket!
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