29.04.2007 Turku

At around 8 in the morning - we just woke up and got a shower - we received a text message of Kari - the A&R manager of Hype Records, that we could do the interview with Tommi Liiimatainen at our hotel. Both guys arrived one hour later and first of all we had some coffee together. The hotel has been a non-smoking hotel, so we needed to go out and get a cigarette before we could start with the interview. While smoking our cigarette we got to hear the song „Too much love will kill you", which is a Queen cover The song has been released on the Queen-album „Made in heaven" in 1995 and has been written by Brain May, Frank Muster and Elizabeth Lamers, but sung by Freddie Mercury.
After our cigarette, we started to do the interview. Tommi has been really nice to us and he kindly answered all our questions. Thanks again to him and Kari for taking the time to do the interview and for organising everything so well.

Packed with a lot of drinks and food it was time to go to the shooting place for the second day of the shoot. As the first day has been shot in the studio, the second day was shoot in a house called VPK-talo. The VPK-talo is Turku's volunteer fire department house, which is nowadays rentable for ballrooms and parties. Arrived at the VPK-talo the guys arrived shortly after us. Jann Wilde, the vocalist of Jann Wilde & Rose Avenue, Jussi - the vocalist of Uniklubi, Ville - the vocalist of Flinch, Jonne - the lead singer of Negative, Snack - the keyboard player of Negative, Sir Christus and Larry - both guitar-players of Negative jumped out of the van. Christian Fjäder - leadsinger of Dead by Gun and Robert Drugg - bassplayer of Dead by Gun also arrived some seconds later, but Gustaf Takolander - the leadguitar player of Dead By Gun was missing. Everyone was a bit struggling with hangover as the night before has been Saturday and everyone had celebrated the weekend.
Inside of the VPK-talo some girls took care about the catering, which was brought by Kari and Tommi. For sure they had to cook a lot of coffee as well. :)
Everyone prepared themselves with make-up or has been prepared of a stylist. During that time the director Petteri gave some information what should be done this day. The first ones to film have been Larry and Sir Christus. Usually they would have done it together with Gustaf, but as he was missing they did it only with Larry and Christus. They rocked the steps with their guitars. The clip will show all the guys playing their instruments or singing. It will be a pure rock´n roll clip without any story behind. The other guys had a look of this shoot or catched up some sleep in a small corner (like Jonne did), tryed out the piano, which is really expensive (10000€), discussed the insurance if something will happen, got some food or beer or just had fun in the catering. Also a schoolclass visited this event to have a closer look how a musicvideo is made. 3 hours too late also Gustaf arrived.

At around 13:30h we had to leave the VPK-talo in Turku to get our plane in Tampere. According to Tommi the videoshoot went very well and the clip turned out to be great. The result can be seen in the end of May and the single will be released on 30.05.07 in Finland. The song will also be featured on a compilation with many artists of Hype Records / Productions like Negative, Jann Wilde & Rose Avenue, The Bitterlicks and some other ones like Bloodpit, The Ark and many more. So keep an eye on more information about all those stuff.

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