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“Welcome to the Party of the People!”

The festival takes palce in Seinäjoki for the 30th time..
If that`s not a reason for a huge party what than?
Provinssirock will be held from 13th of June until the 15th of June 2008. Three days full of fun to enjoy music, art, Finnish summer and above all - the company of the others.

Lot`s of artists are invited to join the celebration of Provinssirocks 30th anniversary. And the list of the confirmed once is as good as the names on it: well-known bands such as Hardcore Superstar, Linkin Park, Danko Jones, Billy Talent, Apulanta, The Sounds or the lengedary Foo Fighters will share the stage to entertain you as much as they can!

So you see, it`s defiantly worth to find yourself at this festival. By your tickets at the very own Provinssishop

Suiciderocks accommodation tip:

- Cumulus Seinäjoki Hotel
- Törnävän Leirintäalue (Camping area)

Suiciderocks party tip:
- Bar 15


The festival area is located at Hakunila Sports Centre in Vantaa City. Vantaa is Helsinki’s neighbour town, so the distance from Helsinki isn’t very long. The best way to get to Hakunila from Helsinki is to use the public transport.

A chargeable festivalbus will drive between Tikkurila railway station and festival area during both days of the festival. The first bus from Tikkurila will depart at 11.00 am, and the last bus from the festival area will depart shortly after MTR has closed. The buses drive nonstop on both days without an accurate schedule. One-way ticket to festivalbus costs 5 euros.

So it`s actually quite cheap to get from A to B and you can easily combine your festival visit with having a little sightseeing tour through Finlands main capital Helsinki.

MTR has no age limit, however you should know that there is a special bar area where you can`t enter if you are younger than 18 years!

A two-day-ticket costs 55 euros and a one-day-ticket 32 euros if you purchase the tickets in advance. If the event wont' be sold out, it's possible to buy tickets also from the gate (one-day-ticket 37 euros and two-day-ticket 65 euros).

Please visit MTR`s official site to get more information about the programme, how to get your tickets and were to sleep.

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Suiciderocks accommodation tip:
- Scandic Hotel Marski (Helsinki)
- Scandi Continental (Helsinki)

Suiciderocks party tip:
- Café Bar No 9 (Helsinki)
- Corona Bar (Helsinki)


Himosfestival celebrates its 10th anniversary this midsummer! Party!
The festival has gone bigger and more popular every year and during last years especially Friday has been sold out & other days almost fullpacked. Still, there is no plan to make Himosfestival any bigger ´cause it´s more important to offer a quality festival than to get too many people to the area, You know...

This year´s Himosfestival will be a great rock'n'roll trip through the decade. You will be entertaint at 2 main stages and one big indoor venue, "Himos Arena".

The bands in a nutshell:
- Popeda, Yö, Bands that have been really successful ones for 30 years already in Finland.
- Lauri Tähkä & Elonkerjuu, Anna Abreu and Jenni Vartiainen are this year's Finnish Grammy- aka Emma-winners.

Most of this year's bands have won those awards during the years, too. The advice from the festival itself: check out Von Hertzen Brothers - they REALLY are hot now in Finland!

Other bands that will perform at the Himosfestival 2008 are:
- The 69 Eyes, Mokoma, CMX and Viikate who are representing metal in Himos. E-Type, Dr Alban and September.. well, party-makers from the 90's!

The agelimit to Himosfestival is 18 years.

Let`s get rocked there!
Find more information on their homepage:


“The sun never sets”

Since 2002 Simerock is the most northern festival in the world. This is the hell of a reason why the festival can`t be missed on Suiciderocks festival timer for 2008.

During the 4th – 6th of July you can experience the original and true festival spirit. The date couldn`t be any better. The sun won`t set and the location were the festival takes place never ends! You`ll have the chance to camp straight on the festival area, you can set up campfires or you`ll be able to have a pool party with all of your friends.

After a long and exhausting party night in one of the beer tents or nightclubs you can find yourself relaxing in the wilderness saunas, which can be rent exclusively for your group!

Furthermore you can have a little sightseeing in Santa Clause`s city, Rovaniemi.

It doens`t matter if you come by car, train or by air plane. The organisers suggest to arrive already on Thursday to built up your party tents and to get prepared for the upcoming nights and days.

Please visit Simerocks official site to get more information about the programme, how to get your tickets and were to sleep.

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Suiciderocks accommodation tip:
- Hotel Santa Clause Rovaniemi
- Camping on the festival area

Suiciderocks party tip:
- Café Tivoli
- Enjoy your meal at the famous Lordi Restaurant


Ruisrock will take place on 4.-6.2008 of July at Ruissalo park in Turku. The festival area is open on Friday from 4pm to 02am, on Saturday from 11am to 02am and on Sunday from 11am to 01am.

There is no age limit to Ruisrock, but we recommend that children under 12 years arrive with an adult. Children under 7 years of age can enter the festival without charge with a parent with a ticket.

Questions about Ruisrock can be sent by email to our info , or you can call our festival info hotline +358-(0)-600-070-809 (weekdays from 11am to 5pm, 0,66 € + local net charge).

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Suiciderocks accommodation tip:
- Caribia & Spa Hotel
- Holiday Inn Turku

Suiciderocks party tip:
- Hamburger Börs Nightclub
- Marilyn Night Club

„Rockin`in the City“

Tammerfest is an urban city festival located in the Finnish city Tampere. You can enjoy the festival for incredible five days and five nights from 09th of July until 12th of July 2008.

The whole town will be full of great festival atmosphere. Everything is close by. You will reach all the clubs, bars and outdoorstages in walking distance. Several bands will give their best to spread Tammerfests message of music, joy and summer. Music will flow out from every corner of the charmig city.

There is not only one festival area, since during this long weekend the whole city and its people are part of the festival. There are over 20 locations to see and hear music.

Please visit Tammerfests official site to get more information about the programme, how to get your tickets and were to sleep.

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Suiciderocks accommodation tip:
- Holiday Inn Tampere
- Hotelli Victoria Tampere

Suiciderocks party tip:
- Klubi


Ankkarock will take place as usual on 2.-3.8.2008. The legendary festival with the duck mascot is situated in the city of Vantaa, in the area called Korso, close to Helsinki.
Ankkarock is less than 10 minutes walk from the Korso train station so the organisers warmly recommend local trains as they are the easiest way to reach Korso.
On both days the festival area opens at 11am and closes it`s doors again at 23pm. So you see you have enough time to have an enjoyable time with your mates!
Ankkarock has three different stages: Korsolava, Puistolava and Rocklava.
Ankkarock has no agelimit, but it is recommend that children under 12 years will be accompanied with an adult. Children under the age of 7 years can enter the festival for free in case their parent(s) have a ticket.
Ankkarock always has a special mascot which is a duck. This year's festival mascot, is Jouni Hynynen, who is the singer of the Finnish metal band Kotiteollisuus. As usual, the duck figure will adorn all Ankkarock-related prints and all festival stages.

This years line-up for Ankkrock lists bands like Amorphis, Apocalyptica, Apulanta, Disco Ensemble, Hanoi Rocks, Ismo Alanko Teholla, Kotiteollisuus, Lauri Tähkä & Elonkerjuu, Mokoma, PMMP, Poets of the Fall, HIM, Skandinavian Music Group, Sonata Arctica and Von Hertzen Brothers.
Please visit Ankkarocks official site to get more information about the programme, how to get your tickets and were to sleep.
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Suiciderocks accommodation tip:
- Scandic Hotel Simonkenttä / Helsinki
- Hostel Errotajapuisto / Helsinki

Suiciderocks party tip:
- Nightclub Manala
- Nightclub Lost & Found