Wanaja Festival 2012


The summers are short here in Finland but as mentioned already before; filled with lots of opportunities to gain many nice festival experiences.
We checked out the Wanaja Festival for you about one week ago. Wanaja took place in a beautiful town called Hämeenlinna. Hämeenlinna is located right between Helsinki and Tampere and has a super beautiful landscape with many lakes and sweet small houses all around the town. The  area where the festival was build was even more beautiful, it was held at Hämeenlinnas probably most remarkable point, the old stone castle. If you had decided to leave a bit earlier to there you could pay the armor museum a short visit or take a walk around the castle to find out a little bit about Finish history as well.

The day we arrived at Hämeenlinna couldn’t have been nicer. The sun was shining and it even  got warmer comparing to the past festival days. This time we arrived so early that we where still able to watch the first band of the day, Roctum. The festival was quite big. It offered two stages, the Suomi Pop Lava and the  Aina Lava.  Despite the large size of the festival you didn’t have to walk far if one band was finished and you wanted to see the next band on the other stage. Next to the normal little food places you could also find one smith which was very original and special in my opinion. The Backstage / VIP Area was located on the right side of the Aina Lava stage right at the shore of a lake. As it was still way too early to do anything besides taking a couple of pictures we decided to sit down and to enjoy the sun with a good cup of coffee. That sounds quite easy, doesn’t it? Well, we went into the food tent and I ask how much a cup of coffee would be. The woman behind the desk replied we don’t have coffee. There was a huge coffee machine next to her and you could already smell the fresh coffee. After telling her that she had coffee she said she can’t sell the coffee without food. The so called VIP Menu cost around 15 Euro. A proud price for a simple cup of coffee… Well, after some discussion we got our coffee and could find ourselves a place outside to sip it.


After our little break we went to see Notkea Rotta, a Finnish band that can more or less be placed into the Hip Hop corner. A couple of guys who jump up and down the stage in their jogging dresses. Straight on was another well known Finnish Hip Hoper called Paleface. The area got more and more crowded and soon you had a hard time if you wanted to get a place in the “K18” Area. Something that might be a little strange for non Finnish people or those who haven’t been at a Finnish festival yet. If you want to enjoy a beer or any other alcoholic drinks you have to go to some special area that is controlled by a security who might also check your ID before entering the K18 area. You are not allowed to leave that area as long as you have an alcoholic beverage in your hands.

Around 18.00 it was time for our first interview of the day. We had a little chat with the Mokoma guys who played later on that day at the Aina stage. You will be able to read the interview a little later on Suiciderock. After that we watched the last half hour of Chisu. I think this was the fifth time we had seen her and the band during the summer but it is always nice to listen to the songs life. After Chisu we changed the stage to watch Klamydia. What should I say? If you want to party your ass off during a festival, you should definitely go to see the guys around Vesku. I think their show is all a punk fan needs. Klamydia was followed by Turisas. If you happen to see their great fire show you should make sure to have something to protect your ears drum from bursting. The show is fantastic but also very loud at the end.  We couldn’t see the whole gig as we had to leave to our second interview of the day. This Interview was special in some kind a way as the band has a long and surprising history behind. We had the pleasure to talk with Pemu and Pauli from the Lenningrad Cowboys. Before the interview we also meet Anna and Hanna, the two ladies who share the stage with the Cowboys. They where both very nice and if they wouldn´t have to change their stage dresses they would have joined us for the interview. Well, you can´t have it all. So we went with Pemu and Pauli to the VIP Area as it was a bit more quite there. For everybody who does not know, the band is well known for their extra ordinary hairstyle as well as for their special long shoes. On the way to the little bridge where we where planning to do the interview we were wondering how they could manage to walk there without falling over their own shoes. I guess they had a lot of time to practice that during their career. Anyways, the interview was funny and went well and right after that it was already time for the guys to enter the stage and we had to rush there as well. The show was fantastic. If you ever have the chance to check them out, don’t miss it. It is totally worth seeing it. A great rock show, with great costumes, great instruments and a great singer. It was just perfect to end the day. After some extra songs the band had to say goodbye and so did we. It was already far over midnight and it had become quite cold. So we headed into our warm car and started our journey back to our hometown, Helsinki.


All the pictures and Interviews from the festival as well as a short interview with Arde, the festival organiser can be found soon here on Suiciderock.

The next festival for us will be the MTR in Vantaa so stay tuned for more festival reviews, pictures and interviews.


Love and Rock`n Roll

Suiciderock Team

Wanaja Programme for Saturday:

Suomi Pop Stage:
15.30 -16.20 Lapko
17.10-18.00 Notkea Rotta

19.00 -20.00 Petri Nygard
20.50-21.50 Klamydia
22.45-24.00 Leningrad Cowboys

Aina Stage:
15.00-15.30 Roctum
16.20-17.00 Paleface & Räjähtävä Nyrkki
18.00-19.00 Chisu
20.00-20.50 Mokoma
21.50-22.40 Turisas