Riihimäkirock 2012


Huhu what a weekend that was. We`ve been to Riihimäkirock to take some nice pictures which you will be able to see within the following days here on Suiciderock. But now let me tell you a little bit about the festival itself first.

Sweet, is the word that came to my mind when we entered the festival area. But in a very positive way. The festival isn`t that big. That fact that there was only one stage made the whole festival very easy for its visitors. You didn’t have to rush from one stage to another when you wanted to see the next band playing. All you had to do is to wait only about 15-20 minutes between the different bands to enjoy the next act.

As the name already says it, Riihimäkirock took place in a smaller town called Riihimäki. That can be found when you drive around 60 km away from Helsinki. That means it took us about one hour to get there which wasn´t that long.

After getting our passes we still could catch the last songs of Erin, a Finnish singer who rose to fame with hits like “Vanha Nainen Hunningolla” or “Popeda” and has formerly played in a well-known Finish band called Nylon Beat. After her gig we decided to take a quick look around and besides the normal merchandise and food offers you could also take part in some kind of game organised by Mr. Green. Every now and than some green dressed, goblin look a like came up to invite you to play. Quite funny advertisement if you ask me.


It was around 19.00 when the next band entered the stage. This act can definitely be announced as a special one. Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät was the name of the band. It`s a punk band from Helsinki and its four  band members, who all suffer from a mental deficiency work in a music / culture workshop for disabled people. If you ever get the chance to see this guys rocking the stage, don`t miss it!!! They did a great, very impressive show.

Next up, only 45 minutes later was Happoradio. One thing that is quite impressive is how singer Aki Tykki could wear a coat along with a “pipo” (Finish word for Beanie) when it was estimated 26 degrees out there. Not to imagine how hot it must have been on the stage. So hat up for that so to say. ;) After Happoradio finished we decided to have a drink and a little break in the VIP area.

One thing that is pretty cool when it comes to Finish festivals is that no matter how small or big the festival is, you can always find a sauna behind the stage. Of course this wasn`t missing at Riihimäkirock as well. The backstage / VIP Area was very nice and cozy.  There was an old stone grill next to the tent where you could sit and enjoy your meal or your drinks. Very cozy and nice to sit down and relax a bit.

It got punky again when Klamydia entered the stage at 21.20. They played all their hits from “Pojanmalla” to “Suomalainen Tarina” and transferred Riihimäkirock into a real punk party.

The last act for that evening doesn`t need any explanation, at least when you are living here in Finland. After being absent from the Finish stages, the colourful band, called Sleepy Sleepers returned that day at about 22.50. It is kind a hard to describe what they are doing. You simply have to check them out yourself than you understand what I mean. If you are not happen to be around here in Finland go and find them on google or YouTube.

The next day was- surprise surprise- a rainy day again. I wonder if we will ever get something like summer here this year. But what can you do so we exchanged our summer shoes into boots and our shirts into sweaters but still we were freezing like it was autumn. 


The second Riihimäkirock day offerend it´s visitors Kaija Koo, Petri Nygard and Chisu who are all very big names here in Finland. As it was so cold we only tried to take some pictures and spend the rest of the day in the tent to warm up and to keep us and the kamera dry.
The main act was again Apocalyptica who started their amazing show at 23.00 and played around one hour. It was a very impressive scenery as it started to get already dark and so the whole atmosphere suited perfectly for their show.

Well, what can we say, Riihimäki rock is a very nice and again a very sweet festival which is a very welcoming change comparing to all this big festivals we`ve been to before. Thank you very much for having us over Riihimäkirock and maybe we see in 2013!!!

Love and Rock ´n Roll


Suiciderock Team