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13.08.2013 Online now: PMMP Pictures from Riihimäki Rock!!!

10.08. Pictures of Apulanta at Riihimäki Rock are online now!!!
16.07. Check out suiciderock´s interview with Heavens Basement before their show at The Circus!!!
08.07. Michael Monroe had a great party at Riihimäki Rock. Find pictures by clicking here!
06.07. Photos of Doro raising her fist at Nosturi Helsinki are online now!!!
02.07. Engel "Passing frontiers" interview online!!! And on our facebook you can find a lil pretasting of some festival pictures, which are online soon!
23.05. Michael Monroe pictures of the band´s performance in Virgin Oil are online!!!

17.05. Pää Kii kicked ass at The Circus in Helsinki! Check out a few pictures here!!!
29.04. Graveyard sold out Helsinki´s famous Tavastia. Suiciderock had the chance to take some pictures. Check them out by clicking on Graveyard!!!
25.04. Suiciderock met up with Jonatan and Rikard from Graveyard. Find out what the guys told us in "
Success shouldn’t effect your personality"
22.04. "A New Start" Interview by Matti of the Band of Vipers online now!!!
15.04. Carved in Ashes with "We keep on trying" is now ready to read for you! Check it out right now here on Suiciderock.com
02.04. Hard Rock Rising, battle of the bands, took place here in Helsinki in the last few weeks. Check out our interview with Roope from Helsinki´s Hard Rock Café!!!

26.03. Find another new interview online now!!! Riot Club with "Plenty of new stuff storaged!"
20.03. Click on Riot Vein to find the newest interview!!!
18.03. Interview "This is what we do, this is what we enjoy" by the finnish metalheads Dead Samaritan from Tampere is now online.
15.03. New Interview online now: Imperial Age!!!
13.03. Shades of Nowhere "It feels good to write again" interview is ready to read for you!!!
09.03. Check out our next interview with Heartbreak Stereo "Heartbreaking music pumping out of your stereo system"!

07.03. "If you don´t try, you will never know" by Stud is the next interview, which is published now!!!
04.03. Low-Fi interview "Flangered voice drowned in dark landscapes" online!!!

28.02. "It´s no curse if you sing beautifully" by Sense of Silence is the next interview! Click and enjoy!!!
26.02. Today we´re having a new interview online and this time with an Italian band called Klogr. Check it out right now!!!
25.02. Flesh Roxon interview published! Check it out!
19.02. Brand new interview from Payload "All things have to match" is online now!!!
05.02. Pää Kii Interview is online!!!
01.01.2013 HAPPY NEW YEAR to everybody!!!

Your turn
No, it`s not that we run out of ideas for bands,
but suiciderock wants to give you the chance to 
find an interview from your favourite band here on suiciderock.
So make up your minds and send band wishes and maybe YOUR
 questions regarding the bands to be interviewed to

04.12. "Music should be more than just an image" is the next interview on Suiciderock. Find out what Eduardo from The Flaming Sideburns told Suiciderock.

27.11. Last, but not least pictures of MTR 2012 are now online. Check out: Amaranthe!

20.11. Suiciderock catched up with Michael before his gig with Therapy? at the famous Tavastia. Read the Therapy? Interview here.

19.11. Pictures of Insomnium at MTR 2012 published!

15.11. More photos of MTR 2012 are online: To Die For!

07.11. New Generation Superstar Interview is now online!!!

30.10. Another interview of Trash Fest V is now online: Lord of the Lost!!!

23.10. Malice in Wonderland Interview published!

22.10. Interview with Skinny from Deathstars is now ready to read!!!

16.10. Suiciderock met up with Mama Trash at Trash Fest V to get to know more behind TFV. Click here to read the interview!

10.10. First of the MTR shots are online now. Let us introduce: Pictures of Blake at MTR 2012!

09.10. Pictures of The Flaming Sideburns from Tammerfest are online! Last shots from Tammerfest, now you can expect some from MTR 2012!!!

04.10. Michael Monroe Photos from Tammerfest are online!

03.10. Sonata Arctica Interview is online now!

26.09. Insomnium Interview from MTR is now online!!!

17.09. Photos of Eppu Normaali from Tammerfest published!!!

11.09. Lauri Tähkä Pictures from Tammerfest online!!!

06.09. Yö Pictures from Tammerfest are online.

03.09 Last but not least from Wanaja Festival are the pictures of Leningrad Cowboys. Check those out now!!!

31.08. Chisu Pix from Wanaja are online now!!!

30.08. Some more pictures of Wanaja Fest are online. Check out today: Klamydia!!!

28.08. Mokoma Shots from Wanaja online!!!

21.08. Photos of Turisas from Wanaja Festival are online!!!

20.08. Leningrad Cowboys Interview from Wanaja online!!!

16.08. Paleface and Notkea Rotta Pictures of Wanaja Festival are online!!!

13.08. Mokoma Interview from Wanaja Festival is online!!!

10.08. Apocalyptica Pictures and Chisu Photos from Riihimäki Rock are online!

08.08. Suiciderock checked out Wanaja Festival for you. Find the review of this festival here.

06.08.Mika Jussila – Behind The Scenes
Next up in our Behind the Scenes Section is Mika Jussila who has mastered quite everything that has a name here in Finland.
After welcoming us very nicely and a private showing through the halls of the infamous Finnvox studios we sat down to talk a bit about his job, what he likes about it, how he got himself into that professional direction and how easily he can combine his new passion for photography with his work. 

02.08. Interview with Yö from Tammerfest is online! Find out what Jukka "J" Lewis told suiciderock.com

01.08. Kaija Koo Pictures from Riihimäki Rock 2012 are online!

31.07. Tammerfest Review online!!! Check out how Tammerfest has been and find already some pictures of Tammerfest!

19.07. Pictures of Sleepy Sleepers from Riihimäki Rock published!

18.07. Klamydia Pictures from Riihimäki Rock online!!!

16.07. Baton Rogue Morgue Interview online!!!

11.07. Riihimäki Rock Review published!!!

10.07. First pictures of Riihimäki Rock are online: Happoradio

09.07. Photos from Chisu rockin`Radio Aalto´s stage of Helsinki Päivä are online!

04.07. The Rasmus pictures from Helsinki Päivä online!!!

03.07. Last but not least are the pictures of Metsatöll at Kivenlahtirock 2012. Those are the last shots from Kivenlahtirock 2012. Soon there will follow pictures of the Helsinki Päivä and Riihimäki Rock 2012. Stay tuned!!!

02.07. Apulanta rocked Kivenlahti! Find pictures here!

20.06. Stam1na Pictures at Kivenlahtirock 2012 are online!

19.06. Also Eläkeläiset performed at Kivenlahtirock 2012. Check pix of them out!

18.06. Photos of Ewert and the two dragons from Kivenlahtirock 2012 online!

15.06. Apocalyptica rockin Kivenlahtirock 2012 Photos online!

14.06. Pictures from Chisu at Kivenlahtirock 2012 are online!

13.06. Kivenlahtireport published!
Michael Monroe Photos from Kivenlahtirock 2012 online!

11.06. Pictures from The Skreppers rockin´Semifinal 2012 and Hybrid Children rockin´the Dom online!!!

07.06. "Playing Rock`n Roll music has to be some kind of therapy" from The Skreppers is our next interview! Go and check it out!!!

05.06. Face of God Interview online!

02.04. "Escaping the winter to write new songs" from Shining is another new interview on suiciderock.com. Don´t miss it!

15.03. Finally Suiciderock is settled in Helsinki and during our small break we haven´t been lazy. We met with a couple of different musicians and as you had to wait so long for the next interview, you can find now two new interviews. One is with the guys from Velvet Six, a very young band from Kokkola/ Finland, and the second one is with Antti and Juha from My First Band. Click and check them out!
Suiciderock also has finally a facebook group. You would be more than welcome to join us there!

21.12. Suiciderock hooked up with Wednesday 13 before his gig in Helsinki. Check the interview "The weirder probably the better" by clicking here.

07.12. Stala & So: "In the End it´s only Rock`n Roll" is the next interview. Check it out! NOW!

05.12. Behind the Scenes: Hiili Hiilesmaa took some time for Suiciderock to give an interview. Check out what´s his opinion about working with artists, his personal biggest success and a lot more in "Rock`n Roll needs a spontaneous vibe" by clicking here.

23.11. Time to celebrate. Waltari spend their 25th Anniversary at Nosturi and Suiciderock got the chance to interview Kärtsy before their Anniversary Gala started. Check the interview with Waltari by clicking here.

14. 11. Suiciderock is having another "Behind the Scenes" for you. We catched up with Paavo Bäckman the CEO / Prime Minister from Mobile Backstage. Thanks to Paavo for his time and you can check out the interview by clicking "The only way to survive nowadays is to have a stable and growing fan base"

31.10. Happy Halloween to everybody out there! 
Suiciderock has a little Helloween present for you: An interview with Sammy from Private Line. Find out if it is trick or treat!!!

26.10. Exodus rocked Helsinki! Drummer Tom and Suiciderock met up for an interview. Check it out by clicking here!

20.10. Jasse, frontman of Hybrid Children took some time to answer our questions. You can read that interview by clicking here.

17.10. Amoral`s "Keep the things going" interview is online!!!

11.10. See the photos of Michael Monroe at Ilossaarirock by clicking here.

10.10. Finally! The pictures of The Ark at Tammerfest are online. Check them out here!!!

05.10.  People can expect from For the Imperium a traditional rock concert, but better than the tradition. This is the next interview on Suiciderock.com.

30.09. Suiciderock catched up with Bazie 69 from The 69 Eyes. Find out what Bazie told in "Our whole career is a big highlight for me" by clicking here.

22.09. "Music straight from the Heart" is a new interview, which is online now!!! Lappe and Pete from Carmen Grey took some time to give Suiciderock this interview. Check it out right now and right here!!!

15.09. Hellcity Punks unleashed their new single "Angelina cries". The first single of the first full lenght album of the Hellcity Punks!!! Read what the Hellcity Punks are currently up to, here on Suiciderock.com in "A new Start"!

12.09. Pariisin Kevät Pictures from Tammerfest 2011 are online!!!

25.08. "20 years and not even a little tired" is the new Apulanta interview, Suiciderock did at Ilosaarirock.

21.08. Tarot rocked Tuska Festival!!! Suiciderock took the chance and made an interview with Marco from Tarot.

10.08. Another festival interview is now online. Blind Guardian´s guitar-player André Olbrich catched up with Suiciderock before their performance at Tuska! Don´t miss it!!!

06.08. Von Hertzen Brothers rocked Ilosaarirock 2011. Check out some pictures of the brothers.

04.08. Wintersun Interview from Tuska is now online!!!

02.08. You can check out pictures of The Blanko from Ilosaarirock now at Suiciderock`s photobucket

Next to the pictures there is another "Behind the Scenes" interview available. This time Suiciderock catched up with
Timo Poijärvi from Hitlantis.com. Read in "The Good Ones make it, the not so good ones fade away" how Hitlantis can help your band / artist to get a record deal, to get out of the underground and maybe be the next big thing out there.

28.07. Ilosaarirock celebrated it´s 40th years birthday this year.  Part of this big celebration festival was The Blanko. Suiciderock met up with the singer Pauli after their gig. Read what Pauli from The Blanko said in "Playing is like a Religion for us".

26.07.  "Our music will last" by The Ark is our next interview from Tammerfest. Check out what Jepson and Martin told us about The Ark´s history, why they are breaking up, advices for new bands, and much more by clicking here.

19.07. The Suiciderock Team is busy in the festival season. Suiciderock has been at the Tammerfest for you and talked there to the singer Arto Tuunela from Pariisin Kevät. Read the interview "If something comes from a dream you should follow it" by clicking here. Keep checking back for more interviews and pictures from the festival season.

30.06. New Interview online now. Check out what Wolf Hoffmann from the German Heavy Metal band Accept told us at the Sauna Open Air.

21.06. The festival season is right here, right now as well as many chances for interviews. Today´s interview is from the Sauna Open Air with Mathias from Turisas. Click and check it out!!!

14.06. Another "Behind the Scenes" interview is now published. Suiciderock caught up with Jani Lagerström (also known as Jay Lamar). Jani Lagerström is a producer from Helsinki and is also (re-)mixing (HeyHeather, Antti Tuisku, Disco Ensemble, HIM,...) Check it out here.

17.05. "When the tourbus leaves, you can leave all troubles behind" is another Behind the Scenes interview. This time with the house tech of Klubi in Tampere, called Peve. He is also touring with several bands. Read what Peve told Suiciderock how he got into his job, the positive and negative aspects and his teenage dream came true by clicking here.

02.05. Daniel Lioneye has always been about breaking boundaries so it's only natural that the second album takes a new direction. The new album is simply called "VOL II" and is heavier than the previous one. Suiciderock met Linde in Helsinki to talk about their successful US Tour, the new record, his participation in the “Who Cares” charity project as well as the future of Daniel Lioneye and a lot lot more. Wanna know what Linde had to tell about all those things? Click here and enjoy the whole interview. 

10.04. "Take me to your leader" is the debut album of Fuerteventura. Now you think: The island published a debut album? No, it´s a band from Helsinki. Suiciderock met Aleksi and Erno and you can find the result here.

04.04. Brand New is the word of the day. "Love Epic Rock or something like that" is the brand new interview with the "Von Hertzen Brothers" called. Suiciderock had the chance to catch up with Mikko to talk about their, also brand new album "Stars Aligned", which just gained Number 1 in the Finnish National Chart, about India, categories, and plans to tour in Europe. So, be brand new and check out, that Love Epic Rock is a brand new category.

28.03. Behind the Scenes: Check, what the agent Petri Leppänen from LiveNation had on his mind regarding bands, the music business and his private plans in "Every band needs a story behind them".
Hey Heather Interview 
Take something old, something new, something borrowed and something not blues and you will get swelling pop-melodies combined with punk rocks energetic essence all done by a Finnish fresh newcomer band called Hey Heather. The band signed a record-deal with  the Finnish independent label, Scandal Music, when their first single "Regrets?" was released on 1.9.2010 it went straigth to number #1 on Finnish radio station YleX´s Himotuimmat (most lusted) -chart and stayed there all in all for six weeks. Followed by the bands second single “Drop Dead Time” which was released in January the success history of the band continues. Suiciderock cought up with bassplayer Pete to chat about the bands brandnew video, it`s hidden message and many other things you shouldn`t miss.

After two sucessfull album releases during the last 4 years Finnish singer / songwriter Manna Mariam Jäntti has been working on new material and will be recording with producer Alain Johannes (Artic Monkeys, QOTSA, Mark Lanegan, No Doubt) in spring 2011 for the release of a new album in October 2011.  Suiciderock met  Manna in Helsinki to talk about heartfelt music, her foregoing records and of course her new album set to be released next autumn.

Silke Yli-Sirniö
has a background as a long term DJ in Berlin. After working for one of the biggest German independent distribution companies she started TOUGH ENOUGH PROMOTION in the year 1994, offering management, publishing and promotion services. All this fills up her calendar to its fullest but still she found a slot in there to tell us a bit more about her job. So be tough enough and read what Silke told us in our newest episode of “Behind the Scenes”.

01.03. Santa Cruz Interview 2011
A new week has just started and what would be better than to kick it of with some real Rock`n Roll? This will be brought to you from Santa Cruz, a very young band from Helsinki. Suiciderock met singer Archie and guitar player Johnny in Helsinki for a little chat. Let the guys tell you how you can force yourelf into the right mood to write songs and why Archie preferred his musical career instead of becoming a skater legend.

Lucy was Driving combines powerful melodies and raw energy of rock into a mixture that one sarcastic individual once described as
“science-rock for teenagers”. Suiciderock met vocalist Otso and guitar player Henri in snowy Helsinki to clear up what this musical definition really means
and why the guys manage to get people to sing along even at bad nights.
Click here to read the interview.

17.02. Behind the Scenes returns on Suiciderock
There is still lots and lots of work to be done behind the scenes of the music life. what would the hottest and most entertaining artist be without the people
in the background? Interviews need to be organised, tours need to be booked and the stage is waiting to be set up just before you can enjoy rocking the club with your favourite band. Suiciderock wants to take you closer to the different jobs and tasks belonging to music. Therefor we will interview people who are working with bands and artists such as producer, manager, promoter, stage technicians and everyone else you need to get a fantastic show done.
Tom Furey who has worked for Foreigner, Motley Crue and lately Cirque de Soleil,  is first in this year`s BTH  to take you behind the scenes of a tourmanagers life.
In “ My job consists of everything from human alarm clock to professional babysitter“ you  can read what it is like to be on the road with the bands and how it feels comparing to drive a snow plow.  

14.02. Happy Valentine`s Day!!!
The Suiciderock-Team wishes everybody out there a very happy, lovely and romantic Valentine`s Day 2011

13.02. Interview with Poets of the Fall online

It`s been quite a while since you have heard or read anything from us. Many of you, our dear and loyal readers have wondered what the reason for this might have been. We`ve done lots and lots of interviews, reports and reviews from 2006 to 2010 and so we decided to put Suiciderock on a creative break. However the good thing on a break is that it comes to an end at a certain point, which is the case right now.

Suiciderock is back featuring new interviews with your favourite bands as well with thosewho will become your favourite bands, we talked with many interesting people behind the musicians to tell you a bit about the hard work behind the whole musicbizz. Of course, we will picture and immortalize the most exciting gigs in our gallery, we have a new member in our team who will be introduced to you later as well as many many other new ideas. Plus we are working on a new design for the site. So you see it is worth checking back to us every now and than.

Suiciderock is soon to be back with a new concept but with the same old rocking attitude as you know it.

As we are still putting all the bits and peaces together the upcoming interviews will still be published with the old design of the site.

Vanity Beach was the first band who did an interview for Suiciderock after it`s break. We caught up with Jonas and Pontus in Helsinki just before Christmas last year and talked about  their album “A life of Vice”, how it was to open up for Manson at the Hartwall Areena and about never running out of Jack Daniels while being on tour. And if you wanna know what turns Vanity Beach into the perfect band click here.

10.03. St. Felix Interview online
15.02. Private Line Photos from the Photoshooting
at the Arctic Ice Bar are online.
17.12. Stairs Interview online
10.12. Doom Unit, who just released their debut in Finland 
and they went straight on No.2 in official Finnish Chart.
Suiciderock did an interview just a few days before.
Check it out here!
We are back from a lil break, but we haven't been
totally lazy during this time. There is a lot great stuff
coming up in the future. Today we start with the

interview with Prima Donna,
who supported Green Day
on their European tour.

26.06. New Killer Star Interview online
Dollface Interview online
16.05. Klamydia Interview online
Suiciderock catched up with the frontman of Klamydia
some time ago in Tampere before they rocked Yo-Talo.
Check out what Vesku told Suiciderock.

12.05. Meet&Greets
Finally you can view the pictures of the Meet&Greets.
Click on the band name to see the photos.

Hellcity Punks
DNR Italy
03.05. Today's Must Have:
...is from the band Monday, which released their debut album
"24 Hours In Pictures" on 29th April.

01.04. Today's Must Have:
Cyanide Skies by Phoenix Effect
28.03. Interview with Janne Kärkkäinen ready to read
22.03. Napalm Death Interview online
08.03. Interview with Naughty Whisper published
04.03. SIC Interview is online now
DNR Meet&Greet winner!!!
27.02. Dope Stars Inc. Interview published
25.02. Hellcity Punks Interview online &
Win a Meet&Greet or 2 signed copy's
23.02. The Glam Interview online
08.02. DNR interview online
Additional Information: DNR Meet&Greet

24.01. Just before the old year ended we cought up with
deVille and Anzi Destruction of the Stereo Junks on the set
of a Horrormovie.
Click here to read what they could tell you
about their first tour through India, their new single
"Chemistry" and stupid new years solutions...

22.01. Win a Meet & Greet with DNR, who will support
Negative in Italy!!!

18.01. New interview online: Incredible Nothing
16.01. Sara Interview online
12.01. Tampere Goodwill Rockers Interview
Once again a happy new year to everybody. In our 2nd part
of the "Rehearsal Room Report" you can read an exclusive
interview with the charity project "Tampere Goodwill Rockers".

24.12. Suiciderock wishes everyone a merry christmas,
happy holidays and a happy new year 2009!!!
The winners of the Christmas Competition have been
contacted personally. Congratulations for them!!!

As already announced Suiciderock had an interview
Tampere's Mayor Timo P. Nieminen regarding
the shot down of the rehearsal place in Tampere.

Read his statement by clicking here.
A lot more additional information
and statements concerning this problem are to follow.

14.12. Suiciderock`s Christmas Competition online
04.12. Tattooed Millionares Interview
Johnny from Tattooed Millionares spend some of his time
to answer Suiciderock`s questions. Click here to read what
he said in "Just make it happen on your own".

30.11. Behind the Scenes Interview online
Read what Taija Holm from ProPromotion Oy told Suiciderock in
"I'm just there to hold their hand, they have to
walk their own way" by clicking here.

23.11. Winner of the 69 Eyes Halloween Comp announced!
21.11. Radio Dead Ones
The guys supported the legendary Backyard Babies
during their German Tour last October. Click here to read
the interview "We'll keep the wheels on turning"
with their lead singer Bev.

Hardcore Superstar had the honour to open
the NHL premier between the Ottawa Senators
and Pittsburgh Penguins in the Globe arena in Stockholm 
on October 4th. That was reason enough for Suiciderock
to meet up with the guys for a short interview before
they will hide themselves in the studio to
record their next album.
Click here to read Suiciderock`s interview with
Hardcore Superstar Vocalist Jocke Berg.

09.11. Axentry Interview online
Read what Simo Silvan & Henrikki Markkula told 
Suiciderock about their band, songs and future plans
by clicking here.

06.11. Interview with Kamikaze Jesus
In "Straight to the Fire with our Hearts open" Jesse
& Ilkka are talking about how they met, what the bandname
means for them, why the whole band played without trousers
and a lot more stuff. Read the whole interview here.

04.11. Behind the Scenes with Sami Peura
Sami is the Managing Director of Sam Agency, which
is a booking and managment agency founded in '97. The
company represents over 30 finnish artists and bands.
Suiciderock catched up with Sami to let you know
a bit more about his job.

31.10. The 69 Eyes Halloween Comeptition

Bulldoser Interview online

27.10. Lovex & White Flame
Live photos from the gig in Munich online.
Click on the bandname to view the photos!

Bloodpit competition ended
Find out who won!!!
White Flame competition

24.10. Backyard Babies Interview
The Backyard Babies are celebrating their 20th anniversary
next year, which was reason enough for Suiciderock to talk
with Dregen about their highlights, the new album and many
other news. Read the interview here.
22.10. MH "Pretend Or Surrender" by Lovex
21.10. Exclusive report:
50 Tampere based bands thrown away from
their rehearsing places!

This shocking news reached us while we had an interview
with the Finnish band Bulldoser in Tampere last month.

There was a big demonstration on Saturday, 18th of October
against the shot down of this places.
Suiciderock is now 
gathering all the neccessary information regarding
the rehearsal room closure to report exclusively about it.
If you are one of the bands who will lose
their rehearsal room send us an email to

If you want to tell us your opinion about that
send us an email with "rehearsalrooms tampere" to
the e-mail address mentioned above.

We will gather everything and add it to the report.

20.10. Lovex Interview
Right after the Meet&Greet we talked with Lovex
about their touring life and the new album. Check it out here!
In our photobucket you can view some pictures of the interview!
19.10. Meet&Greet Report:
Last Thursday, 16.10.08 4 lucky readers of Suiciderock had
the chance to meet Lovex & White Flame before their gig in Munich
at the Backstage Club. Read the report now!
More photos from the Backyard Babies gig online!
15.10. Check out our new photos of the Backyard Babies
live in Munich by clicking here!!!

Teresa L. & Steffi H. are our lucky winners of the
Lovex&WhiteFlame Meet&Greet!!!
The two girls and one of their nearest and dearest will meet
the two bands before their show on Thursday (16.10.)
in Munich @ The Backstage Club.

The winners will receive a separate mail containing
all the important details for the Meet&Greet.

A Meet&Greet report as well as some
snapshots of that glorious day will be published on
Suiciderock later on. So stay focused!!!
Today's Must Have: Heartless by Dear Superstar

In our newest Interview Gunns of Dear Superstar explains
how the band wants to show what the future of Rock'n Roll looks like.
11.10. Jann Wilde & The Neon Comets
Suiciderock catched Jann Wilde & The Neon Comets in
Tampere at their rehearsal room to have a lil' photoshoot.
Click here to see the result!
10.10. Bloodpit Competition
New Bloodpit Merch available plus win two shopping bags
out of the new merchandise collection. Click here for more!
Todays Must Have: Bloodpit with "Recovered"
Timo Isomäki in "Behind the Scenes":
HimosFestival celebrated its 10th anniversary this year.
Suiciderock spoke with promoter T.Isomäki what it is
that makes the festival so special.
06.10. Rites of the Youth Interview ready to read
The Jann Wilde competition ended

of course the right answer was
b) Bill Haley and his Comets inspired the band for the name.
A copy of the fresh signed album "The Neon City Rockers" as well as
an exlusively signed postcard will go to
The 3 signed postcards will go to:
BABET KLAASSEN (The Netherlands)

26.09. Today's Must Have:
Black Roses by The Rasmus
23.09. White Flame
are in the stuido in Finland to record their
second album. Suiciderock visited the guys at Deerhouse
Studio in Tampere to talk about their new album and their
upcoming tour with Lovex. Click here to read the whole interview.

The competition to win a Meet&Greet with White Flame
& Lovex is still going on. How to win??? Click here!
Today's "Must Have": "Pulse" - Dead by Gun
Today's "Must Have":
The Neon City Rockers by Jann Wilde & The Neon Comets
After their "Accoustic into your head" show at
Cafe Europa in Tampere Suiciderock had a little chat with
Petri, Teemu & Tuomas from The Scanditones.
Read the interview "Somebody Save The Music" and
find out what the guys told us about their release plans,
German Souvenirs and a lot more. 

Now you can find all Private Line photos of the
gig in Munich, 13th September in Suiciderock's Photobucket

18.09. Private Line live photos online. More to come!
We asked Salla from Monday to take some time
for answering our questions in "24 hours in pictures"
you can read what she said.
Plus you can win two "Monday" singles!
17.09. Private Line Meet&Greet report
plus photos online

We met up with Antti & Paavo from Bloodpit
and talked about the new plans for the band.
Read the "Re-covered" story here

New on Suiciderock:
In our new category "Must Have" Suiciderock will introduce you
the Must Have albums from your favourite bands! So keep
an close eye on the site and you can't miss what's new on the
The first album we would like to suggest to you is
"Yesterday's News" by White Flame.
For more info click here.

11.09. Meet & Greet White Flame & Lovex
09.09. New Uniklubi merchandise available
Behind the Scenes Interview with Kari Pössi
can be found by clicking here
Get to know something about T.A.P. by reading
Suiciderock's new interview
Win "The Neon City Rockers" album of Jann Wilde!!!
Click me!!!
The lucky winner of the Meet & Greet is Madelyn P.

Check out a few live shots of Jann Wilde
& The Neon Comets
in our photobucket.
Don`t forget to read a review from the
Linnan Juhlat Festival 2008 by clicking here.
04.09. Meet & Greet Private Line:
For all information click here.
New bandmembers, new name, new record. Read an
interview with Jann Wilde & The Neon Comets now.
Suiciderock did an interview with Heikki & Pete from
Automatic Eye,
which you can enjoy here. To view some
pictures check out our photobucket.
11.07. The Official German Hanoi Rocks Street
Team did an interview with Jolle. In cooperation,
you can find it here exclusively on suiciderock.com
11.06. Suiciderock Summer Event Tip
+ win "Honey&Lime" - the current album
from the Winyls

26.05. Brand new interview with The Winyls online
25.05. Check out the interview with Robin Cosmos right here
& view some pictures of the interview with Matthau Mikojan
16.05. Behind the Scenes Interview with "Rock against Child
Pornography / Finland" can be found here

05.05. Late Night Talk with Matthau Mikojan online
18.04. The Winyls replace Dead by Gun at "Helsinki
in Berlin. You can read more by clicking here.

09.04. Today Flinch`s new album "Irrallaan" hit the
Finnish stores. A good reason for Suiciderock to have
a little chat with the guys to see how things are going
for them. Read the interview with
Ville and Oskari by clicking here.

08.04. Lines of Leaving Interview ready to read
05.04. Late Night Talk with Sebastian Bow from
Parasite City

04.04. Check out our live pictures from Popeda at
Pakkahuone/ Tampere by clicking here

18.03. Read the interview "Right here, Right now" with the
Dirty Licks by clicking here

17.03. Suiciderock's event tip for April: Helsinki in Berlin
07.03. Photos from the Fanmeeting with Hanoi Rocks online &
you can check out an interview with Macceus (vocals)
and Sir Christus (guitar) from "Black Jezus"

08.02. Late Night Talk with The Muff from Naked online
Check out what he thinks about making love before being
married, girls underwear and his own one and many things more
Spanish Version of "5 steps to become an ultimative Hanoi Rocks
Fan online
18.01. Behind the Scenes interview with Mikko Haapala
can be found here

Check out what Mikko told us about
his job, Finnish music and his future
Also check out our newest Late Night Talk
This time we were chatting with Durden from Nitrokiss. Read
what he told us about sexy underwear, his first time and much more
17.01. Strawels Interview online
19.12. Become an ultimative fan of Hanoi Rocks
10.11. Photos of the Damn Seagulls updated
09.11. Behind the Scenes:
Interview with Lex Luthor (produced bands like Exkimo,
Dingo, Negative, and many more). Find out more about Lex
and his job behind the scenes.
& Pictures of the show of Dead By Gun online
29.10. In Chat with Lauri & Niko from "Damn Seagulls"
26.10. Behind the Scenes Interview with
Ossi online

Ossi is the manager of the band called "The Bitterlicks"
27.10. Filthy Sixx Interview published
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Streetteam. Check them out by clicking on the banner

06.10. The Bitterlicks Interview online
+ Late Night Talk with the guys of The Bitterlicks
27.09. Day Eleven Meet & Greet review published
26.09. Late night Talk with Jussi and Janne of Uniklubi
18.09. Day Eleven & Negative pix
of the gig in Braunschweig on 16.09.2007 published
17.09. Interview with Matti Lehtonen published

13.09. New Section on Suiciderock:
The days are getting colder, but Suiciderock has
something hot for you. Our new section "Late Night"
will provide you with secret and sexy confessions
of your favourite bands.
Antti & Larry from Negative were first to
reveal their secrets...

11.09. Renoise Interview online
01.09. Tarot Interview published
29.08. Sara Lee Interview on
27.08. Fumble Interview &
Toni Virhia  (producer of Simerock 2007)
+ Suiciderock Shop online
In our shop you can buy T-shirts with our logo.
24.08. Uniklubi Interview
Jussi & Janne revealing the secrets of their new record
"Luotisade", which was released on 22.08.2007
29.07. Morian Interview published
Band News + Apulanta Interview online
21.07. Mind of Doll Interview online
19.07. Disco Ensemble Interview out for you to read
18.07. Dead By Gun Interview published
17.07. Vulture Club Interview online
16.07. Simerock Photos online
(Hanoi Rocks, Uniklubi, Negative, Jann Wilde
& Rose Avenue, Dead By Gun & Bloodpit)
18.06. Morian Competition

09.06. Private Line Meet & Greet review + pictures online
05.06. Band News
31.05. Private Line Meet&Greet Winners announced
28.05. You wanna meet Private Line?
15.05. Review "Too much love will kill you" online
09.05. "Behind the Scenes"
will provide you with interviews of people
behind the bands, like managers, stage technicians,
promoters, organisers, etc. So you will have the chance
to get a closer look on their work. For sure therefore you can also
send us your questions to questions@suiciderock.com
Tommi Liimatainen,  Hype Productions / Hype Records,
was first to answer some questions for
"Behind the Scenes" and you can find the interview here.

09.05. Band news updated
04.05. Don Johnson Big Band, Garage13 &
Maryslim Interviews online
Nitrokiss Photoshoot &
Pic's of the Videoshoot "Too Much love will kill you"

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